Analysis of Source 2

The source I have chosen to analyze, is a propoganda out of China in 1937, at the height of Japanese imperialism and invasion into China. The caption is said to read, “Everbody must hate the enemy, defenses must be constructed step-by-step, fortifications must be strengthened, the enemy must be exterminated.” The picture, as shown below, […]

Analysis of 3 Images, May 4th Movement?

Student Protests, 1919, Sydney Gamble, Courtesy of Duke University. Soldier Prisoner, 1919, Sydney Gamble, Courtesy of Duke University.   Student Arrest Soldiers on Guard, June 4, 1919, Sydney Gamble, Couresy of Duke University   With each of these images the theme I noticed was the seemingly martial state of Beijing in 1919. because of the […]

Source in Detail

The source that I am presenting here while not strictly about my topic , is essential for the study of it. The book History of the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) by Hsu Long-hsuen provides the basic building blocks for an understanding of what was happening in China at the time from which the propoganda posters I am […]

Stones in the Sea

“Stones in the Sea” by Fu Lin, provides a different look into the ideas of arranged marriage and love in early 20th century China. This point of view gave me an interesting vantage point, that of the one who’s marriage was arranged, as oppose to an outsiders view looking in. I found it interesting how […]

Meanings of Marriage and Making a Match

In the chapter entitiled “Meanings of Marriage” It seemed to me that, in Sung China, marriage was looked upon as an institution with a huge set of obligations and stipulations associated with it. Certain customs and courtesies were obligatory but not regulated, while others were punishable by law if not adhered to. Furthermore, these rules […]

Just for fun

Hey guys so this is a little late but I ran across this site the other day and couldnt help but htink of our evaluations of posters in China. This is just funny if not a little vulgar. hopefully youll enjoy as much as I did.  

Celebrating 50 years

Fig.1 Designer: Design Institute of Wuxi Light Industrial College. “Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China” Circa 1999, Poster. Publisher: Jiangxi Meishu Chubanshe. Available from:,   In this poster the audience is presented with a view of an official looking, middle-aged, Chinese man happily waving and smiling; a man I […]