A subtle move in tense China-Japan relations

This article, found on chinadigitaltime.net (http://chinadigitaltimes.net/2013/08/china-warns-asian-neighbors-over-new-japanese-ship/) outlines China’s alarm at a new Japanese naval vessel which, while called a destroyer class by the Japanese bears a remarkable flat-top ressemblance to an aircraft carrier. This caused alarm to the Chinese for three main reasons. The first being, the recent tense dispute over  Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands in the Pacific […]

Past Experience

I have given multiple presentations in the past, given not all of them in a formal school setting but presentations none the less. First, I remember giving the usual book reports and occasional research report over the course of my years in school but nothing to momentous. I distinctly remember giving a speech after receiving my Eagle […]

Reintroducing Primary

One essential primary source I am using is a collection of George Washington’s letters, memoirs, and other works. In the investigation of this work I am finding that while sometimes Washington expresses directly his feelings more often than not it is something that I have to deduce from his tonality and word choice. This leaves room for […]

Note Taking

Through each book, article, journal, etc. my note taking strategy does not differ much. I will go through the writing first in a skim looking for key words or ideas. After I have located sections that may be pertinent to my research I look at the first and last bits of each paragraph where the […]